Brief History of Bay Area Showcase Chorus

In the Beginning:
The chorus was organized in July 1955, and chartered on January 4, 1956 as the San Jose Chapter of Sweet Adelines.  The photo below shows the three top choruses from the 1956 regional convention. San Jose placed second. They are the chorus on stage left wearing striped blouses.  The winning chorus was Peninsula (in the center of the photo).

Bob Hokanson 1955-1959
Jerry Lynch 1959-1964
Johnnie Fagundes 1965-1968
Bev McVicker 1969-1973
Pat LeVezu 1973-2002
Julie Starr 2002-present

Milestone Events:
March 1957 – First place in Region 12 competition
April 1959 – First place in Region 12 competition
March 1987 – First place in Region 12 competition and winners of the Most Improved Chorus award
October 1988 – First International Competition, Houston, Texas – placed 17th
February 1, 1990 – El Camino Real Chorus disbanded and merged into San Jose Chorus
April 28, 1990 – First place in Region 12 competition
October 1991 – Second International Competition, San Antonio, Texas – placed 10th
April 3, 1993 – First place in Region 12 competition
May 1, 1993 – The chorus changed its name to Bay Area Showcase Chorus
October 1994 – Third International Competition, Reno, Nevada – placed 15th (with tougher competition)
Other Regional Championships: 1995, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018
Other International Appearances: 1996, 1998 (placed 10th), 2001 (placed 5th), 2003 (placed 6th), 2005 (placed 11th), 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 (placed 11th), 2017 (placed 10th)
May 2018 - Winners of Region 12 BRAVO award (95.74% member retention in the past year)

There were 13 members when the chorus chartered in 1956.
Our members have ranged in age from 12 to 94.
We currently have over 140 members on our roster, nearly 120 of them actively singing with the chorus.  
Our membership turnover is approximately 10% per year.

Our members commute from as far away as Vacaville and Monterey to sing with us.
Members include business and professional women, homemakers, retirees, and students.

We are known for:
Having an excellent musical product
Being very friendly
Being well organized

We have numerous quartets, including top 10 Regional quartets.  Visit the quartets page to see our current performing quartets.

Vision Statement:
Bay Area Showcase Chorus is a vibrant, award-winning ensemble of women singers committed to creating musical magic in every performance. We embrace healthy competition and enjoy finding creative ways to share our passion for 4-part harmony in the barbershop style. We are dedicated to continuous improvement in a joyful environment of mutual respect, friendship, and fun.
That's our vision statement and we think it captures pretty well who we are and what we do. As part of the Sweet Adelines International organization, our motto is "Harmonize the world."