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Women of all ages who like to sing are invited to visit our rehearsals and share in the fun of singing a variety of a cappella music in 4-part harmony. Whether your voice is high, low, or in between, you'll find a part that is right for you. No prior singing experience is necessary! Our members have a wide range of musical backgrounds, from those who have studied music extensively and performed professionally, to those who sing only in the shower. You will receive tons of guidance, coaching, and instruction on reading music, vocal production, and performance skills at our rehearsals, in both large and small groups. Personal coaching (private lessons) are available at no cost to chorus members. 

Chorus rehearsal is a special time when we come together and  leave behind the troubles of the world, enjoy each others company, and have fun singing together. Our chorus is known for our warm and welcoming nature.

During the current pandemic, we have continued to rehearse together every Thursday evening using Zoom. If we can't be together on the risers, the next best thing is harmonizing together from home! To visit a Zoom rehearsal, please contact our director Julie Starr at for more information and the Zoom link.  

We also have a drop-in Zoom "coffee hour" every weekday morning from 10-11am. These are usually attended by about a dozen women. Some come daily, others once in a while, some stay the entire hour, others for just a bit. To join us for virtual coffee, please contact our events coordinator Teri Minnis at 

We look forward to meeting you!