Support Bay Area Showcase Chorus

Shop with eScrip

You can support Bay Area Showcase with your regular purchases from hundreds of merchants by registering for a program called eScrip and then using your registered credit or debit cards to make your purchases. A percentage of your purchases goes to the chorus.

You create your eScrip account by visiting  Enter your information and select your charity by searching for the group name "Bay Area Showcase Chapter of S.A.I." or the group ID – 140102452.  Register as many cards as you like, and also register your telephone number, because often when you are paying via cash, a phone number will work to get the rebate. (Your phone number will work at Lucky, FoodMaxx and SaveMart stores to access their rewards program.)

Once you have created your account, you can check out the huge range of merchants listed on the eScrip website. Patronize these merchants, who are willing to support non-profit organizations like Bay Area Showcase Chorus.  Many restaurants are included in the list as well.

There is also an eScrip online mall where you may make your purchases online and have them delivered (often with free shipping).

You can visit to get a report of how much you have earned for Bay Area Showcase Chorus. You should also visit the eScrip website periodically to update and add any new debit and credit cards you receive.

We invite all members and friends of the chorus to join us in this painless fund raiser!