Support Bay Area Showcase Chorus


Another wonderful way to show your love of Bay Area Showcase Chorus is to sign up for some occasional volunteer time at one of our events. People who sign up often feel like it's much more fun than work. You get to hang out with a wonderful group of women, and support great music!

If you would like to offer to assist one of our events, please contact us. Be sure to let us know what talents you'd like to share. Here are a few areas we often need help with:

  • Working concession booths at Shoreline Amphitheater (a major fundraiser for us)
  • Ushering & Ticket Handling
  • Helping with riser setup/takedown
  • Providing transportation for risers
  • Helping with mailings
  • Soliciting patron surveys
  • Handing out flyers
  • Providing transportation for coaches, quartets, etc.
  • Photographing events and shows
  • Many more opportunities available!